Election 2016 : Who really lost?

This post is my opinion:

  1. If you disagree, well that’s what an opinion is and you are welcome to yours.
  2. If you are offended, well “Fuck you!” cause it’s my opinion and “FU!”

On November 8th 2016 the American Electoral College elected Donald J Trump as our 45th President. I have to be honest I was surprised but was not shocked as half of America. The Right was busy celebrating and spilling beer everywhere while the Left was crying (in the coffee they had made to stay up late and well…. celebrate).

Social media was on fire, the Right could not tweet fast enough how they had beaten the system and the Left “liked” every anti Trump post they could find. I mean even I found myself glued to my iPhone, posting and replying like a mad man. That was till I received a text from my wife.


Well, I was not going to argue with the Boss so I decided to head to bed. I mean I know they were still waiting for a few states to report all of their votes, but Trump was also ahead in all those states. Also, I had to go to work the next day.

Being forced away from my phone (with the threat of me losing access to my FB) I had a chance to actually think about what had happened tonight. So let’s see, Trump had received more votes than I think even he thought he was going to get, but how?

For the sake of this post, let’s say there was nothing deeper at play here (We will leave that for another post). Let’s forget the exact numbers and concentrate on who was celebrating, who was crying and why:



1) The (lower) middle class believed that Trump was going to get their jobs back from the companies taking job overseas and also those pesky undocumented immigrants. Very similar to Herbert Hoover’s “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.”

2) The religious conservatives really didn’t care about job, they were voting for the Supreme Court. Having lost Antonin Scalia they could not risk losing his conservative seat to a Liberal. I mean there would be chance to overturn Roe v. Wade or bring America back to God.

3) The Hillary haters were celebrating just because they had defeated HRC and really nothing else.

4) The KKK and other white supremacists were celebrating because for them this was not a Trump victory but rather “white” voter victory.

5) People tired of ISIS and Islamic extremists were celebrating because they truly believe Trump has the answers.

6) Then you had your pockets of random people celebrating for random reasons.



1) The middle class was crying because they already had their chicken, car, and garage and they could not figure out that there were people that didn’t already have that.

2) The liberal left was crying because they already saw another conservative Supreme Court justice (or 2) and saw themselves losing Roe v Wade and decisions to come in the next 20-25 years. I mean face it those justices are like the Queen of England (no signs of leaving)

3) People tired of ISIS and Islamic extremists were crying because they truly believe Trump has no clue about how to fight this threat.

4) The Trump haters were crying because well, Trump had won.

5) Muslims were crying because Trump said he wants to ban us and make us register again in some kind of Muslim data base.

6) Mexicans were crying because Trump was going to kick them out and build a wall so they could not come back into the country.

7) Other minorities were crying because honestly the Right has done nothing to reach out to them.

** Now I am not planning of going deeper into anyone of these groups and any pro or con arguments on their stand.

Here is the way I looked at the night of the election and everything that led up to it. This is my bigger picture that most people are not paying attention to (or they just don’t care) the past few months have been a huge fight between mainly the Baby Boomers and the Millennials (I know a bunch of other generations were involved too, but mainly it was them two). It was a fight between the old way and the new way of thinking.

BREXIT: June 2016 Britain decided to leave the EU. 75% of Millennials voted to stay, while support for Brexit was strongest among older and less educated voters. So instead of embracing the benefits of open borders these people decided to close their borders out of having someone come in and take their jobs and opportunities. In my opinion, voting for Brexit was a very foolish and egotistical move. But then most of these people were, well foolish and egotistical. The decision to leave the EU was very short sighted and very dangerous in the long run. I found it funny, that a country that made it history by going into other nations all of a sudden was not willing to let others into its borders.

U.S. Elections: October 2016 the United States decided to elect Donald Trump 45th president. One of the main points of Trump’s campaign was the wall he was going to build to keep the illegal Mexican immigrants out of America, because according to him they were the ones taking all the jobs and opportunities from citizens. So just like a Brexit, lots of scared people voted to keep people away from their jobs. The millennial vote wasn’t as huge as it could have been but Clinton got 54% of the votes and compared to 60% for Obama in 2012. So it could be assumed that the Millennials did not want Trump (they really wanted Sanders) but were willing to vote for anyone else.

What have I learned from the Millennials out there? We have to care about more than just ourselves. We have duty to worry about everyone in the world and not just ourselves. We need to look past just our jobs and look to make sure our neighbors are in a good place too. There is no use in having a chicken in every pot, if we are not willing to share it and there is no use in having a car in the garage, if you are not willing to offer a ride. The most important thing I learned was in the words of Angela Davis “I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept”.

So I say go out there and peacefully protest what you don’t like. Don’t be like the older generation that just sucked it up and waited for the next four years. Let your voice be heard in the streets and social media, but after you are done protesting, get involved in your community and the election process. Become more than just a “vote”, be a voice (a loud voice) in the process.

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